The Nammour Symposium is a two-day panel discussion event hosted at the California State University of Sacramento. The Nammour Symposium is dedicated to exploring the advancements and implications of artificial intelligence on society and it’s future. Those attending will participate in panel discussions and gain valuable insights from leading experts in the field of AI, providing a deeper understanding of this rapidly evolving technology.

For the Nammour Symposium, I designed promotional material, a wayfinding system, and merchandise to enhance its visibility and facilitate attendee engagement. The promotional materials included a double-sided poster, thought-provoking social media posts, and eye-catching mailed postcards to generate anticipation and attract participants. The wayfinding system consisted of a-frame signs and banners showing and labeling where the event was located. This was done to ensure smooth navigation and enhance the overall event experience. For merchandise items, I designed water bottles and pens, providing attendees with memorable keepsakes while extending the symposium's brand presence beyond the event itself.

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